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Max Digitzing can provide a complete concentration on the user-experience because people don’t like complexity.


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Navicosoft is a renowned Mobile App Development company that works on the Android, iOS and Windows platforms, websites, ecommerce stores and internet of things (IoT) applications – especially for use with mobile devices. We have developed over hundreds of mobile applications on each platform that people love to use. Navicosoft has expertise in all kinds of mobile applications for various client types because we are quite expert as well trustworthy & transparent.

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App development is a time taking the job for novice developers and may take up to months For a full-fledged Android app to be designed.


The first feature that we focus in any app development is how the user can interact and customize the developed app based on their personal preferences.

UI/UX Simplicity

User interface and user experience simplicity is a primary connection between a user and the app itself. We keep app design tone simple, yet arresting so that the user is not bored at the first glance of the app.


We design and implement notification usage with flexibility so that the user can toggle on/off at will.



A mobile app is a never finished product. Our teams regularly update the released apps so as to introduce new features or completely overhaul the user interface.


Is the key indicator if an app is a hit or miss success story. Our certified and experienced team iron out the technical loading times related problems in design stage of the apps and they make sure the best version is released.


A security breach in an application can totally destroy all the hard work put into developing, running and sustaining of a mobile app in long run. Based on mobile application format, we provide the best security solutions for our clients.

native app

Native App the most common type of app is a smartphone application used on a specific platform or cell phone. Native App may provide optimized fast performance, high degree of reliability and take advantage of the latest technology like GPS. There are two major mobile OS platforms i.e. Appl’s iOS & Google’s Android Navitve App is written in the code preliminarily used for the particular cell phone & its OS to perform faster and more flexibly than alternative app types.


mobile native app
  • Native App has broad functionalities due to using the capabilities of the underlying device i.e. very easy to tap into wider device functionality
  • Native App is very fast and responsive software performance i.e. versatile & very quick, most reliable and most responsive experience to users
  • Native App has push notifications i.e. Native App may make use of push notifications, alerting users when their attention is required in the app
  • Native App is a UI which better matches with user experience of the OS & user-friendly for all platforms
  • Native App has quality assurance through ratings in application stores i.e. distributed in app stores
  • Native App has the best performance
  • Native App is more interactive, intuitive and run much smoother in terms of user input and output
  • Native App provides developers to access the full features set of their given platform with whatever performance optimizations the native system has
  • For Native App internet connection is not required, although it depends on the functionality
  • Native App fully protects your data & provides complete security
mobile native app

our native app

App development is a time taking the job for novice developers and may take up to months For a full-fledged Android app to be designed.


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Aron Smith

I really liked the patch design they sent me and that too within 2 days of time frame. I’d definitely recommend Maxdigitizing with my friends ith my friends

Sarah Howard

I placed a rush order of patch designs and got my order within 5 hours. I can’t be happy enough about the services.

Dwayne Flicher

I wanted a couple of name patches for myself and my friends. Maxdigitizing designed all patches and delivered to me on time. I loved the work & service.


I placed 5 embroidered patch order designs for my jackets and within 2 days they delivered the designs. I highly recommend Maxdigitizing.

Arun Kumar

The PVC embroidery patch designs I got were designed exceptionally well. Fast service, to the point designing, I am definitely telling my friends about you guys.

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