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Max Digitizing is a strong combination of advanced promoting techniques and technology-focused, customized solutions chaser. We are offering outsourcing solutions to the Industry by combining our qualities in commerce forms with our deep-rooted counseling expertise.

At Max Digitizing, we consider our work as a frame of art by designing your websites & all other services. We collaborate with you to create your web techniques or making one-to-one connections with you. When combined with professionalism, we can create that ended up a fundamental part of your business associated with the connections of nature.




Static Website

For all business meetings, a website can be regarded as a business card. Static Website Designing includes all kinds of company data and becomes an e-source of company and service depiction. Having a specialist and a commercial static website is among the most favored tips.

It’s a website which has a fixed content. Each website will be HTML marked as well as each viewer will see the same content. Small and large pages are designed, with easy models and without complicated programming. Static websites design help companies to run faster and launch websites more quickly. Such databases are used for a vast industry and that is the best way to introduce your company.


Dynamic Website

Dynamic web layout enables you to create an easy-to-manage, appealing and flexible website. It includes huge data storage system. The dynamic website also attracts a big amount of visitors that affect your company significantly.

Many dynamic sites operate through user-friendly systems such as WordPress, offering various topics. Choosing a fresh design is an easy way to make an immediate makeover for your page without any trouble.


E-Commerce Website

The core of any online business is e-commerce website. Instead of visiting shopping malls and physical shops, customers prefer shopping online. Not only does an online store provide you with room for selling your products and facilities online, it also provides you with a media and a communication channel that attracts clients and engages them. It's simple to keep an e-commerce website without paying for rents, staff or bills.

An e-commerce website that is well designed and extremely usable has a direct effect on sales. You can transact secure deposits with your online store, monitor your purchases, promote your goods, introduce categories and have unique offers and your investment will pay for itself in no time. You can also sell your companies services through online store not only products.




Happy Client

Aron Smith

I really liked the patch design they sent me and that too within 2 days of time frame. I’d definitely recommend Maxdigitizing with my friends ith my friends

Sarah Howard

I placed a rush order of patch designs and got my order within 5 hours. I can’t be happy enough about the services.

Dwayne Flicher

I wanted a couple of name patches for myself and my friends. Maxdigitizing designed all patches and delivered to me on time. I loved the work & service.


I placed 5 embroidered patch order designs for my jackets and within 2 days they delivered the designs. I highly recommend Maxdigitizing.

Arun Kumar

The PVC embroidery patch designs I got were designed exceptionally well. Fast service, to the point designing, I am definitely telling my friends about you guys.

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